Buckinghamshire County Council, as the admissions authority, sets the admissions policies for community and voluntary controlled primary and secondary schools including Hughenden.

Timeline for entry in 2020

Children born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 will be starting school in September 2020.

Children attending an infant school and born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 will be moving up to junior school in September 2020.


September to December 2019 - visit the schools

It’s important you find out about the schools you are interested in before you decide to put them on your application. You can list up to 6 schools when you apply.

Find my child a school place

Open events information will be added to our school directory when it becomes available. Open events are the easiest way to see a school first hand. You may need to make an appointment.


4 November – Applications open


The online portal opens for Buckinghamshire primary applications. It is quick and easy to apply online you just need an email address. We will then keep in touch with you  by email throughout the process. 


14 January - Infant to Junior transfer


The last date to hand in a paper application to your child’s infant school - 9 am.


15 January 2020 Deadline - Primary school applications close at 3 pm


If you live in Buckinghamshire you have until 3 pm on this date to submit your online primary school application. If you are posting a paper application it must reach us no later than 3 pm on this date. All applicants must provide address evidence to accompany their application.

Submit your address evidence

29 January – Deadline last date for moving into Buckinghamshire

The latest date for moving into Buckinghamshire (and providing evidence) for us to use this address when we consider your school preferences for the first round of allocations.  Please note that some Academies, Foundation and Voluntary-Aided schools, may have different deadlines – check their rules. 


16 April - National Offer Day

Parents who applied online will receive be able to log on and view their offer.  They will also be sent an email.

We post letters to parents who applied on a paper form.

Since February, parents have no longer been able to call the Admissions & Transport team. We advise parents wishing to contact the Admissions Team in the first instance, to use the Contact Us form. This provides them with all the information that they require to enable them to answer your enquiry promptly. Please click the following link to be directed to the Contact Us form:
As our admissions procedures are processed through Buckinghamshrie County Council, parents will need to complete the relevant forms and send them to the Admissions Team at County. 
If your child is starting school and entering a Foundation class, you will receive all the relevant documents in the post from the County Council together with the dates they need to be submitted by. These can also be found on the Bucks County website (links above). Failure to meet the deadline with your application may result in your child not getting a place in the school of your choice. 
If you are moving to another Buckinghamshire school mid-year and it is due to a house move, you will need to complete an 'In-Year application' form online which can be accessed through BCC Admissions.
If you are moving to another Buckinghamshire school mid year for another reason, you will need to complete a hard copy application form which will be available at your current school. This will need to be signed by the Head Teacher. These forms are not available to download via the Bucks County website or from the Admissions and Transport Team.
By submitting this to the Admissions Team at County, it will add you to the waiting list for the year group you requested at that school. You will be contacted when a place is available and the school will make contact with you in order to send you the relevant admission paperwork.
Although our admission number is currently published as 15,  Bucks County Council are funding us differently with Growth Funding as we move towards a single form entry primary school . In 2022/2023, our intake will officially change to 30. There are certain circumstances where we admit more children to a year group. Any spaces that are offered are done so in collaboration with the Admissions Team at Bucks County Council. 
Please give us a call or email to arrange a visit and discuss your needs.
The Admissions Team will use the registered home address for the child to determine where they will appear on the admission list. For instance, children living within catchment of their local school stand a higher chance of being offered a place. Other factors are also taken into account:
Admission rules for Buckinghamshire community and voluntary-controlled primary schools (taken from BCC Admissions website)
1. Looked after children and previously looked after children
2. Children who have exceptional medical or social needs, which can only be met at that school, supported by written evidence from an appropriate professional person.
3. Children living within the catchment area of the school 
4. For the main point of entry: Siblings of children who are attending the school or a ‘linked primary’ school in Year R – Year 5 at the time allocations are made, and are expected to be on the school roll or linked school roll at the time of the proposed admission, or who have already been offered a place to start in the current academic year at the school or a ‘linked primary school’.
For immediate in year admission after the normal point of entry: Siblings of children who are in Year R to Year 6 at the time of admission to the school.
5. Children attending a primary school linked to the school named in the list of ‘linked primary’ schools at the time allocations are made. 
6. Once the above rules have been applied then any further places will be offered in distance order; using the distance between the family's Normal Home Address and the school's nearest open entrance gate offering the closest first. We use a straight line distance.
7. Where a school can take some, but not all, of the children who qualify under one of these rules, we will give priority to children by taking account of the next rule (or rules) in the numbered list to decide who has priority for places.
8. If it still not possible to decide between two applicants who are equidistant then an independently scrutinised random allocation will be made to allocate the final place. An explanation of the method of making random allocations is on the council website at: