Buddy Reading Club

7th November 2017

Buddy Reading Club at Lunchtime is proving to be a huge success! On the first day, 24 children came to the Club and on the second day 44 children turned up.  This shows Hughenden Primary's love of reading!  

Key Stage 2 children listened to Key Stage 1 readers and many of the children enjoyed the opportunity of reading a favourite book, comic or newspaper. 

Here are a few comments from the club members: 

"It was really good because I like reading a lot." -  Fred, Year 2

"I really like Buddy Reading Club because you get to see what other year groups are reading and to help some of the younger children read.  I like getting more information from the books that I'm reading." - Matthew, Year 3

"I like reading stories. I like listening to people read because I like to help them." - Daisy, Year 4

Buddy Reading Club is held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12.30 to 12.50. Everyone is welcome!