8th June 2017

On the eve of the Election Day, Thursday 8th June, the students in Year 5 decided to bring a bit of election fever to Hughenden Primary. Standing in front of giant canvases of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, they shared their knowledge about the history of parliament, the different political parties and what the General Election was all about.

With a history of hundreds of years to talk about, we talked through the most important parts including the introduction of Magna Carta, votes for all men and women and the future of parliament.

Dressed with rosettes as the various leaders from the main political parties, we told all the rest of the school what the different parties thought about Education and the NHS.  In wigs and robes, Year 5 explained what the difference between parliament and the government and parliament was and what each jobs each of the houses had to do.

Using all props from the Parliamentary Education team, we showed everyone how to vote and explained how important that it is that when you are 16 you should register and then at 18 you should vote.

We do not know who will win tomorrow, but they hope they will look after our school and our country.


Year 5 - Hughenden Primary