Dogs Trust Visit

6th June 2016
Dogs Trust Visit 
On Monday 06th June a lady from the Dog's Trust is visiting Year 2, 5 and 6 to deliver some curriculum related workshops during the morning based around our core subjects - English, Maths and Science. They aim to make the sessions very interactive, fun and engaging for our pupils. The lessons are to raise awareness, safety and responsibility around dogs. 
Please note there is no charge for this visit. 

Dogs Trust Reflection

'On Monday 07th June, Gemma Dingle visited out school to talk about the company she works at called Dogs Trust. She explained to us about how to look after a dog – how to feed, how much they should weigh and much more.

She told us about a dog named Cassie who was overweight as her owner fed her too much because they didn’t know how to feed her properly. Dogs Trust still fed her the same amount because they didn’t want her to starve. Although they made her do lots of exercise so that she would become average weight.

Another dog she talked about was Jamie, who was found living on streets, was so feeble that he couldn’t even stand up. Luckily, someone found him and informed Dogs Trust who welcomed him in lovingly. They fed him lots more food so that he would gain weight and become happy once again.

Gemma told us about how to feed a dog according to is weight. Canned dog food is fed twice a day. She explained that you should only feed your dog, treats only a few times a day because they will grow overweight (Like Cassie).

Afterwards, we did a worksheet about feeding your dog; it also had maths problems. Questions were asked but we had no time for very many because it was time for lunch’.


Alana and Olivia – KS2 Children

Please follow the link below to see a lovely blog written by Gemma Dingle's who delivered the workshop.