Energize 2016

17th March 2016

Energize Reflection

"On Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th March we performed at the Wycombe Swan. Hughenden Years 4 and 5 worked together with 200 other school children to sing and dance for Energize. It was a challenging special event for us and we were very happy to have the privilege to participate in it.

We rehearsed three times with the other schools, but we had loads of rehearsals at our school beforehand. The songs were based upon famous poems, set to music where the characters fell out of the books! Now we are really looking forward to participating in ‘’echoes’’ and performing at the Royal Albert Hall next year."

Shyan and Adeeba - KS2

We are very excited to be involved with Energize this year. Children from year 4 and year 5 will be performing at the Wycombe Swan on Thursday 17th March and Saturday 19th March 2016. Tickets are now available (from Monday 18th January 2016) for purchase. They can be purchased directly from the Wycombe Swan website.

There will be an Energize rehearsal at the Wycombe Swan next Thursday 11th February for all children in year 4 and 5 participating in Energize this year.

The coach will arrive at school to pick up the children at 9:00am therefore please ensure you arrive promptly in order for the coach to leave swiftly. Lunches will not be provided on the trip therefore please could we ask you to bring packed lunches and a water bottle.

Normal school uniform should be worn and children must bring their words with them. The children will be back in school before the end of the day so they will finish at the usual time of 3:30pm.

Please note, there will also be an Energize rehearsal on Thursday 03rd March 2016 and the same requirements apply.