Future Pillars of Zambia Appeal

17th January 2020
A charity called Future Pillars has been working with a school in Zambia called Family Futures Community School. Future Pillars have been feeding the poor Zambian children and raising money to support them and their families. About two weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have a visit from one of the charity's members, Mr Andrews, who actually used to teach at our school.
He played an extremely fun game called the world trade game where everyone was in a group and the groups represented countries. The countries all had material (scissors, paper, rulers and pencils) and money depending on how wealthy the country was in real life. There was a bank (consisting of Annie and Fraser) who gave you money if you made shapes that were perfectly sized, there was a United Nations Officer (Mrs O'Malley) who made sure there was no cheating, the team who earnt the most money by the end (Ghana) won.
Halfway through the game we had to leave for assembly, led by Mr Andrews. We watched a video about what Future Pillars did and we reflected on how lucky we are. The next day we all donated to the charity. Year 6 alone donated £60 and altogether we donated £248. Every £1 feeds a child for a week. We don't realise how fortunate we are and the fact that there are other people who are lucky to have 2 small meals a day. 100% of the money goes directly to the school in Kabwe. 
Written by Daniel & Toby.