Golf Morning

23rd June 2016
Golf Morning
On Thursday 23rd June children from KS2 will be visiting Hazlemere Golf Club to take part in a golf workshop as a reward for their behaviour during their PE lessons. The children have been selected by Mr David Joy. The coach will leave our school at 9:15am and will return before the end of the school day. The children will be learning golf techniques  and discussing golf etiquette.
Please ensure that children have their PE kit with them as well as a sun hat and waterproof jacket. They will also need a packed lunch in a named carrier bag. 

"We had a great workshop at Hazlemere Golf club on Wednesday, lots of fun had by all and the behaviour and golf etiquette shown by the children involved from KS2 was excellent.  We have been working on different golf shots and games in PE this term as well as the golf etiquette side of the game, so to get a number of golf members approach myself and mention how nice it was to see children enjoying the game and how well behaved they were was really nice to hear.  Very impressed and some amazing golf shots were played throughout the workshop.  Thanks to all the staff who helped and got involved on the day and everyone who had a hand in organising the event.

Look forward to another workshop next term with new students.  Below is a message from the head pro Gavin.

Thank you for the opportunity of having the Hughenden primary children visit our golf club.

I found the children to be very polite, great at listening to instructions and played very safely and sensibly !

Because of their great attitude and engagement in the activities there was a high level of problem solving and skill on show.

Thank you and these children would always be welcome back to our club."


Yours Sincerely,

David Joy

"Hazlemere Golf Day 
A few weeks ago thirty children were picked to go to Hazlemere Golf Club to do some golf. We were really excited. 
So when they day came everyone didn't know what to expect. When we arrived our coach told us why we were there and what we were going to do. Firstly Mr Joy (our coach) introduced us to his assistant named Gavin he worked at Hazlemere as well. 
We were all split into groups of around about ten or less, our group went with one of our teachers (who used to play golf) over to a mini golf corner. It was alright but if they had real golf clubs and real golf balls, it was still fun.
Our first golf practice was us trying to hit a golf ball into a circle and for each hit into the circle you get three points, most of us found it quite easy. 
After a while we moved over to Gavin where he did awesome shots. One of them where you had a tiny, fat club and a pole which had a T on were the golf ball sat ready for you to hit, we had to hit the ball through the hoop really which was really high. 
Then we moved on to Mr Joy and we did lots of mini little fun games like one on one who can get the golf ball into the hole first. We all enjoyed it very much and most of us would like to do more golf in PE"
Written by Leah - KS2