What We Do

We are a volunteer body responsible for the running of the school. We are made up of representatives from the local community, parents, the local authority, the Head Teacher, and one member elected by the staff. Staff and Parent governors are elected. The Local Authority governor is put forward by Bucks County Council. The Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Body itself.

Usually we are able to delegate all the day to day duties of managing the school to the Headteacher and her very capable team. The full governing body meets once each term to discuss issues including; the children and how well they are learning, the school budget and how to spend it, the latest government initiatives and how we should respond to them. 

The governing body has two main committees which deal with particular areas of responsibility. These are Curriculum which deals with education matters, and Resources which deals with money and people and looks after the property. These committees meet once a term and most governors are on at least one committee.

We aim to have friendly meetings, whilst recognising the need to get things done and sometimes make difficult decisions. We act as a support group for the school, encouraging and helping; at times being that critical friend posing challenging questions.  

You can read more about what being a governor means on the National Governors Association web site by clicking the link to Being a Governor.

If you want to find out more about what our governors do or have any other question please ask one of the governors, who are listed on the Governing Body Membership page.

If you are interested in becoming a governor when a vacancy arises please contact the Chair of Governors.