Lollipop Alert!

1st March 2018

Dear Parents

Lollipop Alert!


We are sure you will agree, whether you use it at the moment or not, that the Lollipop Patrol Crossing is a valuable addition to our school life. It makes crossing Valley Road, at busy times of the day, safer for children and families. More than that, it promotes independence and resilience for our children who will all transfer to secondary education and will need these skills every day.

However, we are not sure if you realise that we are responsible for funding our Lollipop Patrol and, I hasten to add, not from the school budget or school fund. We have had in the past an enthusiastic Lollipop group who set it up originally and then a local resident and a current parent who took on the mantle. We are more than grateful to them all but now it is our responsibility to raise funds to ensure we do not lose our Lollipop Patrol, which is paramount to our children’s safety and road safety education.

In order to boost our funds, which are scarily low at this moment, we are going to organise a WHOLE SCHOOL SPONSORED WALK next Thursday, March 19th in the afternoon. This will be three different routes and a different focus for the children appropriate to their Key Stage. Specific details will be sent on Monday with a Sponsorship form.

It is imperative that we continue to be able to offer to all our children and families the Lollipop Patrol Crossing. We know that there are many demands on everyone’s finances but hope you will agree this is a worthwhile cause, not just for the school but for our community too. We are in the process of approaching local businesses that have been generous in the past and also a few new ones.

However, we cannot secure for the long term the Lollipop Patrol Crossing without the support of you and your generosity.

If you think you would like to join us and become a part of the Lollipop Group, we would be delighted and we look forward to working together for such a worthy cause.


Please watch for further details and we thank you in advance for your support.


Linda O’Malley and Melissa Durston