NHS Charity Book Stall

8th June 2020
Charlotte & Ava’s Charity Bookstall

Charlotte: I wanted to raise money for the NHS because they are working hard to take care of people in hospital because of the virus.

Ava: I spoke to my friend Charlotte and (we decided to) made a book sale with puzzles. 

Charlotte: We had a lot of books not being read anymore as we had already read them.   

Ava: We started to put the book sale outside Charlottes front garden and now we are putting a book sale in the very front of my garden. 

Charlotte: It made us happy that we were raising money. Some people even gave us some more books to sell. So we were able to get some of these books ourselves with our pocket money

Charlotte: So far we have raised over £230 but we are still selling books
Ava: I want to get to £800
Charlotte: I want to get to £15,000

Charlotte: We are going to donate the money to one of our local hospitals.
Ava: Thank you everybody for coming to our book sale. 

From Charlotte (Age 8) , Ava (Age 7)