Roald Dahl Fancy Dress Day

23rd September 2016

''On Friday 16th September 2016, we at Hughenden Primary School had a 'Roald Dahl' themed day to celebrate the late Author's 100th birthday. Miss Sleight asked everyone to dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl characters and to bring a copy of our favourite Dahl book.

When we walked into school, there were lots of Roald Dahl characters like George from Georges Marvelous Medicine, Big Friendly Giants and lots of Matilda's. Most people dressed up and even the teachers got involved!

In the afternoon, we did Roald Dahl crosswords and discussed our hopes and dreams for the future which were then written into a BFG style potion bottle. We also had Roald Dahl homework based on our comprehension skills to learn about Roald Dahl before the big day and it even helped us complete our crossword. 

One year 5 student dressed as George from the popular novel Georges Marvelous Medicine and made such an effort with his home made costume! He really enjoyed the day, saying "It felt like being in a Roald Dahl world, it was a wonderful day!"

Altogether, the day was really exciting and we would love to have another day like this again with another theme! We loved dressing up and coming to school! Hopefully we will do another themed day... watch this space!''


Year 5