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We are children’s sports coaching provider, specialising in working with children from nursery age through to secondary schools.  Our overall philosophy relies on adopting a child-centric approach to coaching children’s sport and technical excellence, with a large emphasis placed on combining fun, technical skills and building confidence in children.  We believe that if children are able to have fun when learning a sport, they will demonstrate higher levels of engagement in technical coaching sessions.  From these high levels of engagement, we are able to develop passion, skills and confidence which can be the difference in the achievement levels of children when playing competitively.  We believe in creating a caring and all-inclusive environment where children are able to learn and develop their own skills on both an individual level and a team level. 

Fun & Entertainment

We believe at the core of pupil engagement and technical excellence is fun and entertainment.  We know that as human beings, we all like to participate in activities that we enjoy and this is the primary goal of our Sports Entertainer Coaches – ensure that every child enjoys our coaching sessions.  The key to this approach lies in analogous learning and making sure that our sessions and exercises are “framed” for the target audience.  When a child at the age of 5 years is playing a game and believes that they are Harry Potter and has a magical cloak of invisibility, they may not necessarily realise that the motion of drawing a circle around the ball with their foot is actually the beginnings of teaching a football step over.  This technical framing is crucial to our approach and the entertainment level of our coaching. 


Wake Up / Lunchtime / Extra-Curricular Provisions

We provide a wide range of activities for our children to take part in throughout the school week.  Our Early Rise, Lunchtime and Extra-Curricular afterschool clubs provide children with the chance to explore a wide range of sports and activities – some of which they may never have encountered before.  All of these activities and sports have been developed through in depth research and development at Activkids & Sport4Kids, incorporating the best coaching techniques from around the world.  Our football programme has been developed from the teachings of the Dutch Coerver method, the Spanish tiki-taka and the Brazilian Futsal approaches, while our rugby programme focuses on the precision exhibited by the New Zealand Rugby Union team and the Australian Rugby League set up. Other programmes that we are able to offer include netball, gymnastics, dance, hockey, basketball and of course golf which is Coach David/Mr. Joys focus and passion.   

Due to insurance and registration, our Wrap Around Care isn't available for children in our Preschool.
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