Stamp Collection Reflection

1st March 2018


''Since Christmas, I have been collecting used postage stamps. I read about the RSPB's stamp appeal to help save the albatross and I wanted to help out. The albatross is the largest seabird in the world. There are over 22 different species and 17 of them are endangered.

The RSPB is collecting used postage stamps to raise money to help albatrosses. The stamps will be sold to raise money to help rescue these birds. There are lots of reasons why the albatross needs help. One is that they get caught on fishing lines. The other is that they are eating plastic that is in the oceans. The money will go towards paying for new special fishing nets, hooks and teaching fishermen to use them. If you want more information look on

I now have nearly 18,000 stamps but I would like to collect a lot more. Each stamp only raises a small amount so we need to collect as many as possible. Remember, the more stamps the more birds we save.

You can help by bringing in your used postage stamps to the office of Hughenden Primary School. There is a collection box there. It is very easy to do and doesn’t cost you any money. Or you can take your stamps to any RSPB visitor centre.

Thanks for saving your stamps to help save this amazing bird.''


Hughenden Primary School