The Hobbit

1st June 2018


On Thursday, 21st June (the longest day of the year!) we had such a special treat! Four actors unexpectedly turned up at our school to put on a performance of “The Hobbit” in our school hall. It was certainly full of madness and an occasion to remember!

Not only did they re-tell the story of “The Hobbit”, but they modernised it by following all the popular crazes, such as “flossing” and “dabbing”. Bilbo Baggins, the main character, teased all the children in the audience – especially Luke in Year 5, as he went in for a “High-5” but was “dabbed on” instead! All the audience was filled with happiness and enjoyment as the characters bounced around on the stage and we had never seen a production quite like this at our school! Although it was so much fun, the clever actors managed to make it poignant at the end when one of the characters died.

We are looking forward to welcoming the same troupe back next summer!

By 2 Pupils in Year 5

We are really grateful to M & M Productions for putting on such an amazing show for our pupils and thank them for making it such a memorable performance.