Therapy Through Music

1st May 2016
Therapy Through Music

The staff at Hughenden Primary are pleased to welcome Suzanne Poulter from ‘Flute Fun’ to the school ( Suzanne is a qualified musician and performer with over 20 years’ experience working within schools teaching the flute and recorder. She also manages her own private practice supporting children and adults, and volunteers with Chiltern Music Therapy supporting their work at Aylesbury Opportunity Centre.

Each week on a Friday, Suzanne will be working with the children in all year groups and facilitating Therapy through Music as part of our Nurture Groups - this will be offered to children as one-to-one sessions or as a small group. Sessions will be creative and child-led involving a mixture of stories, poems, nursery rhymes, singing, chants, classical and modern music, puppets, dramatisation and games with a musical theme.

The emphasis for these sessions is to create a supportive environment whereby each child has the opportunity for self-expression through improvisation, using voice or percussion instruments.

Some of the valuable benefits of learning music to enrich a child’s development are:

  • Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity
  • Musical training helps develop expressive and receptive language
  • Musical instruments can teach discipline
  • Increased coordination, improved memory and attention span
  • Increased development in creative thinking
  • Better self-confidence and improved self-esteem
  • Children learn to work as a team