Walk to School Month

1st October 2015
We are pleased to inform you we will be continuing our Walk to School Month this year. This is a great opportunity to encourage your child/ren to Walk to School every Wednesday for the next few weeks. A prize will be awarded for the best class!
On Wednesday 21st October we will be organising a walk from the Village Hall from 8:30am onwards. For further details, please view our letter below. 
An exciting transport poetry writing competition has arisen. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your creative thinking caps on! The winners will have the chance to present their work to the whole school and the school will also receive a new design painted onto their playground. Pleae note, the competition is not mandatory therefore if your child does not want to participate, that is absolutely fine. The deadline for entering is Friday 16th October. For further details, please speak directly with Mrs Lane.