Woodwind Session

10th June 2016
Buckinghamshire Music Centre - Woodwind Session 
On Friday 10th June the Buckinghamshire Music Centre visited our school during the afternoon from 1:30pm to deliver an exciting woodwind musical lesson for our Year 2 children. 
"Mrs Sewell runs the Music Centre and she organised for her staff to come in and talk to us about music. 
I thought that the experience was great! Mrs West talked to us about all the different types of woodwind instruments and how they all work. We saw the flute, saxophone, oboe, clarinet and the bassoon. 
One of my favourite instruments was the bassoon because it looked fascinating! Mrs Sewell also plays the bassoon in lots of orchestras.
Mrs West also talked to us about other instruments too but I liked the bassoon the most!"
A year two child
"On Friday High Wycombe Music Centre came in to do a presentation on woodwind instruments. They played a few famous classical pieces mainly using a basoon, clarinet and flute. Everyone enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and it was very exciting too. Sadly Mrs Sewell, the manager of the music centre couldn't make it due to an injury. 
Everyone seemed to enjoy a famous classical piece called 'Teddy Bears Picnic' as it made us all feel relaxed and soothed. 
Mrs Gibson told us about how you can get mini basoons and large basoons. We all sang a song about football and each class had to sing a verse. Even the teachers had to sing a verse!"
By Niamh and Rebecca - KS2 children