Year 5/6 School Performance

13th July 2016
Year 5/6 Summer Performance
We are very much looking forward to presenting our Year 5/6 production to parents tomorrow evening and again on Thursday afternoon. Please note, we are not issuing tickets however donations of £3.00 per adult would be greatly appreciated in order to cover the cost of holding the performance. 
For the performance tomorrow please can all children arrive at 6:30pm, the show will start at 6:45pm. Please be aware the timings for the second performance has changed. On Thursday 14th July the show will start at 2:15pm NOT 1:30pm as originally mentioned.   We hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience.
Please note the performance will last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. 
"On the 13th and 14th of July, Hughenden Primary School performed a production called 'Move It'! It was in their School Hall and the first performance was at 7 o'clock in the 13th of July. Year 5 and 6 have been rehearsing for 4 weeks, so the play was very organised and polished. On Thursday 14th July they did it again, for the parents who had missed the last one. The second and last play was at 2:15. The Yer 5 and 6 students were doing this production because it was year 6's last year at Hughenden. It was also because it was the last year it was a reward, it was for the parents and it was just for fun. 
The play was organised by Mr Churchill, Miss Barlow and Mr Meatyard. Other teachers like Mrs Naveed, Mr Creech and Mr Strzelecki helped out with other organisations, like the lighting and setting up. Some of the students painted the scenes and sets as well. The Year 5''s made the T Shirts for the ending scene, which took a very long time. 
The parents of the children looked like they enjoyed the play very much. "I really liked the dancing and singing", exclaimed one parent, who thoroughly admired the theme. The students loved performing even more though. "I loved it because acting is my favourite thing", one student said eagerly. The staff enjoyed watching the production as well. "They have really done us proud!" Mrs O'Malley (Senior Leader) said, delighted. 
In fact, the students loved the play so much they are already thinking of writing a sequel next year. Before all the auditions and rehearsing, year 5/6 voted which play they would want to do. Move It won, and even some people who thought that it was a bad choice loved it!"
Salwa - KS2