Year 5 Autumn Activities

11th November 2019
What a hectic (but enjoyable!) month November has been so far for Year 5!  
Last week, we designed invitations that looked like ballot papers to invite parents and local residents to our 'EQUALITEA' party and vote for their favourite cake choice!  The fruited scone with jam and clotted cream turned out to be the favourite!  This was part of our British Values learning for Parliament Week, when we focused on equality in voting for everyone.
Before the tea party took place on Thursday afternoon, we learned all about Black Civil Rights in America and why the Civil Rights Movement was so important in securing equality for black African Americans, who - up to that point - had been segregated and had not been able to vote because they were not viewed as important enough.  
We also learned about women's suffrage in the UK and how the Suffragist movement broke into two, with the Suffragettes coming slightly later.  The Suffragists were middle-class, well educated women who believed they should have a vote whereas the Suffragettes campaigned for voting equality for all women.
As part of this, we made a short film to be played in the background during the tea party, which our visitors seemed to enjoy.  The film showed clips of us, explaining who the Suffragettes were and what happened on Derby Day 1913, when Emily Wilding Davison was trampled to death by Anmer, King George V's horse, as she tried to publicise the Suffragette movement.  Some people still believe that Davison tried to commit suicide intentionally but modern camera techniques have called this into question.
We have also been busy practising for the Remembrance Day assembly, which took place yesterday.  For this, we decided to ask other classes to design and make different coloured poppies; red to represent the fallen in wars and conflicts to date; black to represent the black, African and Caribbean service men and women who have given their lives in conflict for our country; purple poppies to represent the animals which have died in conflict and finally, white poppies which are aspirational for peace in the world.  The classes made really beautiful poppes - all so different - to decorate our hall wall.  Upper KS2 also made white poppies using the 3D printer to hang on our Remembrance Tree in the playground.
We enjoyed doing the assembly but it was quite a challenge to learn all our lines, the words to the songs and the poems (both modern and traditional).  Year 6 recited a poem called "Le Dormeur du Val" by Arthur Rimbaud, which they also translated.
It was an honour for us to welcome Mr Rehan Pasha, who is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and who also served in N Ireland and Germany.  Mr Pasha spoke to us on the 'importance of remembering' and told us of his personal experience of losing a friend and seeing a friend's life change through having been injured during conflict.  Mr Ian Penfold, who was a Captain in the British Army, visited classes beforehand to show them some of his medals and military regalia, which was fascinating and we were also delighted to be supported during the assembly by Squadron Leader Simon Cook, who is Matthew's father.  
All this and we are not even half-way through the month!
Year 5