Curriculum Statement - Year 1 & 2

We are the gateway to the national curriculum for the children in Hughenden Primary School. We see children as individuals with their own learning needs. We support these needs through highly differentiated planning and teaching. Pupils are taught in small, targeted groups to allow for maximum retention of learning. As the facilitators of structured learning, there is an emphasis on the core subjects such as Reading, Writing, Phonics and Mathematics. 


The children are provided with hands on learning experiences to make sure that all types of learners are able to enjoy and engage with all lessons. Our non-core subjects are delivered in a creative and holistic manner, allowing the children to utilise and see the relevance of their core subject learning.


Children are given the opportunity to learn from dedicated and highly experienced professionals in subjects such as Physical Education and Music. Essential skills such as teamwork, leadership and independence are taught through exciting learning opportunities. This, alongside other outdoor learning opportunities, makes children more resilient for their eventual move to key stage 2.


Please see the powerpoint from the Phonics Workshop below.