Curriculum Statement - Year 3 & 4

Arriving fresh & excited from the strong foundations provided in key stage 1, year 3 / 4 is an opportunity to develop your children’s independent learning and grow their knowledge in a supportive environment as they prepare for upper key stage two and their eventual transition into young adult hood and secondary school.

Core mornings cover the essential national curriculum subjects and afternoons make use of curriculum time to further develop their inquisitive and research skills in science, history, geography, ICT and art. As well as providing essential time to cover philosophy for children, foreign languages, & music. Every child has the opportunity to learn to read music & play the ukulele during school time.

Offsite learning is an integral part of the year 3 / 4 experience which combines visits to several historical & geographical points of interests around the country.

By the end of Year 4, our aim is for children to be well rounded and resilient individuals that are ready for the faster pace of learning in upper key stage 2.

In 2018/2019 we developed a cross curricular approach to English and Literacy which is reflected in the Curriculum Overview.


Curriculum Statement - Year 5 & 6

Upper key stage 2 is vibrant and dynamic year group challenges and supports the learning needs of the pupils. We strive to ensure high standards in all academic areas by making sure work is highly differentiated and stimulating to pupils of all abilities.

We have maintained a particular focus on the improvement of both our Literacy and Numeracy and how these subjects feed into, and are relevant to, other disciplines such as Science, Geography and History. In Years 5 & 6, we plan for as many concrete learning experiences as possible, allowing the children take abstract concepts and apply them to the real world.

An example of this type of learning would be a resent applied Mathematics project, where the children redesigned the entire school. Drawing upon their mathematic, computing, literary and presentational skills the children conceptualised, measured, designed and built models of a new Hughenden Primary School.

Projects such as these also encourage and develop other vital skills such as teamwork, leadership and time management. Upper key stage prepares children for their next big transition to secondary school, giving pupils the tools and confidence they need to independently access their learning.

Sex and Relationships 
This is taught in Year 5 and 6 during the Summer 2 Term.  Details will be sent home to all parents prior to lessons being taught.