Dear parents / guardians,
Friends are pleased to announce the return of the clothing bank. This big blue metal box has been located within the staff parking area of school and can be easily accessed to drop off all your unwanted clothing or linen. Not only can we all off load our unwanted clothing but we can raise money for the school at the same time. In past years we’ve raised £800-£900 per year just from your unwanted or outgrown clothing / linen. It’s that easy.
Here are just a few rules:
  • The bank is for clothing, shoes, trainers, handbags, belts, sheets, curtains and towels only. No bric-a-brac!
  • All items must be clean, dry and wearable
  • Shoes must be paired
  • All items need to placed in a bag with the handles tied before placing inside the bank
  • If the bank is full please come back another day rather than leave on the floor around the bank
  • Please tell all your friends and neighbours to utilise this facility too
What an easy way to fundraise!