School Aims & Ethos


At Hughenden primary school, our principle philosophy is that learning should be enriched so that we are developing the whole child and supporting their potential, going beyond academic achievement alone. We want to empower our pupils to discover, to be independent and to be ambitious for themselves through providing them with a solid bedrock on which to thrive. Lastly, we want to ignite a lifelong love of learning through fostering talent, discovering new passions and displaying curiosity and aspiration in everything we do.   



Our philosophy drives us forward to be the best that we can be. To succeed, we CHEER! Our CHEER values enable everyone, every day, to work towards achieving our vision:

C.H.E.E.R - Cooperation, Honesty, Enthusiasm, Empathy and Respect


Every child will leave Hughenden enriched, empowered and with a thirst to learn and achieve.




Provide pupils with practical experiences to bring their learning to life.

Read rich texts to and with children.

Link learning wherever possible to the children’s own lives and our local area.  


Encourage children to do their best at all times and to celebrate their achievements.

Provide challenge for every child.

Maintain high standards of behaviour. 


Plan to provide pupils with new experiences.

Get to know our pupils as people and encourage their talents and passions.

As a staff, we will model a love of learning.


The Hughenden Child

  • A Hughenden child is well-rounded, independent and caring.
  • They experience a broad and challenging curriculum within a nurturing, collaborative and creative environment.
  • They leave Hughenden having achieved their potential, are confident and happy and have a love of learning and a curiosity for life.