Wheelchair Visit

4th March 2016
Wheelchair Day - Friday 04th March 2016

'Wheels day is where you come into school on some form of wheels, for example; bike, scooter, heelys, skateboard or roller blades, to raise money for a spinal injury charity at Stoke Mandeville Hospital for people injured or paralysed in accidents.

A week ago, we had the privilege to meet a man called Luke who was paralysed in a motorbike accident, breaking his spine and ending up in a wheelchair. He has no movement in his legs so his arms have become extremely strong because he has to lift himself using his arms to carry out daily tasks and movements. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to take part in ‘Wheels Day’ to be able to experience what it might be like to be in a wheelchair all of the time. Some students and teachers experienced the day in a wheelchair and had to carry out their normal daily tasks whilst confined to the chair. Daniel, 11, who experienced the day in a wheelchair said, ‘I found it hard to get through doorways, particularly those doors that opened towards me’ he went on to say, ‘the most difficult part was trying to get over ramps’. Daniel felt that if he were in a wheelchair for real it would be difficult go shopping because some shops and buildings are not designed with wheelchair users in mind.

Overall, the whole school thoroughly enjoyed wheels day because we became more aware of the difficulties of those in wheelchairs and what they might find difficult every day. Unfortunately, our school was not built with wheelchairs in mind. We could see this clearly because some of our students in wheelchairs couldn’t open and go through doors or get around certain obstacles. If one of our students or teachers happened to be paralysed, then school adjustments would have to be made.'

Year 5/6 Children