School Grid Live Kitchen

Please be aware that ParentPay is not used for Hot Lunches. Payments must be made directly to Dolce either by calling Customer Services to make a card payment.  Alternative, you can set up a Direct Debit and download the form through your lunch School Grid account.
Parents who pay for their children's meals, must ensure there are sufficient funds on the account to cover.
If you have any queries please contact the school office.
All parents are given a login for the School Grid run by Dolce who organise the hot school meals on our behalf. (please contact the school office if you have not received one or are having problems logging in). As a parent, you will be able to view all the menus for the term and pre-order meals for your child in advance.  School Grid also provide an ingredients list for parents to check prior to ordering if their child has allergies.  The school office will note down any allergies onto School Grid from the initial Admissions Form which parents can check/add to themselves.  This is visible to the server at lunchtime.  It will also prompt a check if attempting to order a meal that clashes with a particular food allergy.
From Monday 7th December, we are asking all parents to pre-order their child's hot school lunch from home.  Thank you to those parents who are already doing this.   All orders are then sent to the School Grid (cut off 9.30am daily) and the servers will greet the children as they go through the till at lunchtime. 
You can setup a Direct Debit for your account, all details for payments are explained on the website.  For KS2 parents paying for meals, you can download the Direct Debit form for completion through your School Grid account which will enable you to manage your hot lunch payments easily and effectively.
We encourage you to pre-order meals in advance so that morning registration can be completed quickly. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.