Matific Maths

Matific Maths
Hughenden Primary School is pleased to be taking part in the MATIFIC GAMES.  This is an annual inter schools maths competition with the opportunity to win prizes for the school.  The children will be given a special password to access the MATIFIC website from 1st - 14th March, when they will be able to earn stars for the school.  It begins with a practice week 1-6th March and then the actual competition is 7th - 14th March.
We have been successful in previous competitions and it would be brilliant if you can encourage your child to take part during the two weeks.  Every child will receive a pencil case for taking part.
Matific Results 
We are delighted to inform you that 10 children from Hughenden Primary School took the top spots out of the whole country! We would like to express how proud we are of all the children who took part in the competition. 
1. Rehan
2. Shyan
3. Omarion
4. William
5. Georgina 
6. Adam
7. Elizabeth
8. Roscoe
9. Grace 
10. Zain